Artmura derives from the word Art and Mura (Japanese word for Village). So it can be simply put as “village of art”.

With a cozy and artistic environment, suitable to increase your mood and sense of art. We have a wide variety of brands ready to spoil your artistic sense. Either if you’re a professional artist, a mangaka-wannabe, an amateur painter or just a doodle enthusiast, you can find all of your art needs here!

From Brushes, Paper, Sketch Book, Paints, Canvas, Markers, Brush Pens, Comic Ink, Modelling Dough, Clay, Mask, etc; we had them just for you! Just come to our humble store and choose the one that suits your style.


Are there any other activities here?

Yes. Many of our friends loves to visit our place. With the FIELD TRIP PACKAGE, we’ll welcome them with fun activities and learning. Such as Mask or Umbrella Colouring. Suitable for everyone, from kids to adults. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information and details.